Wilderness First Responder - Recert

Certification provided by Sierra Rescue International  

Students on this WFR Recertification course will be participating in the first three days of an 8-day Sierra Rescue Wilderness First Responder Course, as well as completing a pre-course test and passing a WFR written test at the end of the three days.  

Students must possess a current WFR certification. We accept Wilderness First Responder certifications from most organizations, including from WMI, WMA, WMTC, SOLO, and DMM cards. Any WFR cards issued from another company need to be cleared by Sierra Rescue prior to registration. The course also includes AEHS adult, child and infant CPR certification.

March 20th
to 22nd

Wilderness First Responder Course

Certification provided by Sierra Rescue International.  

The Wilderness First Responder course is designed with outdoor professionals and outdoor enthusiasts in mind. It has become the industry standard for most wilderness guide services and environmental education programs. It focuses on developing skills for treating medical problems and injuries in a wilderness setting outside of the “golden hour” of first response, under extreme conditions with limited equipment.

May 4th
to 11th